Doorway into your Subconscious

Through a process very similar to guided meditation, I gently lead clients into a relaxed, therapeutic state where they are better able to access their subconscious mind, including past life memories.

One-on-one sessions can be scheduled in person in Nyack, NY, NYC or remotely anywhere via Zoom. Sessions are 75 minutes and include an audio recording.

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What Past Clients Say

"Jorli made me feel very comfortable and safe. Much to my surprise, I was able to recall many lifetimes. The insight and healing this brought to my current life is immeasurable! I’m so pleased with my experience and can’t wait to do it again.”

— Colleen S., Valley Cottage, NY


"The most powerful part of the session was learning that it's okay for me to show up fully as myself in this time on earth. While maybe in the past, women who worked in the way I worked may have been persecuted or even killed, I am safe to show up and work with people in the way that I am called to.

I have already recommended Jorli and this experience to others. I think on a very simple level it helps people connect into their depths and reveal powerful insight about themselves.”

— Kimmay Caldwell, NYC


"New to PLR, I went into the session with an open mind and few expectations. Instinctively, I trusted Jorli to be a safe and protective guide through the process. I was surprised by how easily I relaxed into the sensations, images and memories that came forward. It was an intensely therapeutic experience in that it allowed me to release old wounds that I had not even been aware of."

— Lindsay W., West Nyack, NY


"Jorli provides such a sacred and open space for exploration. I learned that I have a deep rooted pattern that has followed me into this life. Knowing this, I can now move forward with a little less grip onto a pattern that no longer serves me. Not only was it a healing experience, I left the session feeling a deep sense of knowing and peace.”

— Nikki S., San Diego

Expectation vs. Reality

"I thought the hypnotherapy part would mean that I was unconscious or unable to recognize what was happening. Instead, I was quite aware of what was going on and super tuned into the experience." (Kimmay)


"Hypnosis was soothing, not at all like I had imagined. I had full control over my body but was in a very relaxed and pleasant state." (Colleen)


"Based on my experience with PLR, I expected to not see anything. Jorli helped me begin the session with the intention of play, and that enabled me to open up to the experience. Not only was I able to see, I was able to feel the emotions, and learn the lesson from my past life." (Nikki)

Curiosity About Past Lives

"I have heard many people in my circles discuss past lives, and it has come up in my consciousness a lot. I have felt people in the past—whether they were ancestors or from past lives—guiding me, and I wanted to connect with them." (Kimmay)


"I’ve always been curious. I’ve always had this deep knowing that I’ve lived other lives, and I’m interested in the healing that comes with past life regression." (Nicole)